Hello and welcome to The Stories!  I'm excited that you're here.  Stories are a huge part of who I am, and I try to capture stories everywhere I go.  So what better way to start off The Stories than to give you a little information about me!

1) I love Summer.  I love everything about it. That carefree feeling, the long days, the endless warmth and sunshine, the beach, the flowers, the warm breeze at night...  I tend to run cold, so give me warmth and I am happy. Which leads me to my least favorite season: Autumn.  To me, it's the beginning of the cold season. I'm talking temperature, but I guess it applies to the flu. In NYC and its suburbs, we don't really get those gorgeous colors. I also don't love the short days and the early nights. And given I wear wool socks all year, imagine how truly cold my feet get in Winter?!   So in my photographs, you'll likely see more of the things I love and less of the cold dark days.

2) When I get some "me time", you will find me taking photographs, usually trying to make something that I hope anyone could appreciate or hang on their wall. Time slips away quickly when my camera is in hand. I shoot 99% Sony, but I actually used my Canon for these self portraits.  (Let's keep that between us!) 

3) My favorite dessert? Profiteroles made with ice cream. Favorite alcoholic beverage? Red wine. Although mojitos are sooo good. Favorite candy? Chocolate. (Let's list the important stuff, right?)

4) My friends would say I'm quiet, shy, serious and thoughtful. And sensitive. Maybe a little reserved? And hopefully kind.  I'm an introvert. I'm sharing two self-portraits so hopefully you can see the two sides of me - the sweet and the serious.

5) A fun fact about me... I practiced law for a long time in NYC. My office was actually in the movie Michael Clayton. George Clooney and I have walked the same halls.  Ooh another fun fact: I have never seen Top Gun.  I've watched certain scenes here and there in passing, but never the entire movie.

6) I love to travel. (I don't do it enough.) I love to paint. (I don't do it much these days). I love to make pottery. (I haven't done it in years). Crafting is fun and I can actually make cute barrettes. 

So without further ado, here is the woman behind the camera, the shy and the serious. 

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